Burning a CD in Iso2 format

I downloaded an eval copy of Netware 6.0 following the following directions from Novell:

  1. Burn the CD as an ISO2 format
  2. “Finalize” the burn
  3. Make sure to label the disk ‘netware6’.
    FYI: Right after the install copies the server files to the DOS partition it will attempt to MOUNT the CDROM to copy files to the SYS: volume. If the disk is not labeled or is labeled anything but “Netware6” the server will not be able to mount the cdrom to copy the files.

After I downloaded the file, I opened it up with Winzip and slected “write to cd”. This launced EZ Cd Creator v5.1 which allowed me to create a cd image on my hd. Then I attemted to write it to CD and it told me I had no compatible drive to use.

I’ve been writing data to cd’s and dvd’s using Windows exporer over a year without any problem. This is the firat time I’ve had to burn an ISO2 format. I tied pasting the file to cd, but it said I didn’t have enough disk space (i was using a 700 mb cd-r), so I put in a tdk dvd-r 4.7 gb and it wrote the file out as a PC Anywhere file (I have that on my system).

Can anyone help me?



Hey Tony,

the instructions on the Novell website are a little bit confusing.

Don’t care, it’s really simple :wink:

This is how I’ve done it with NTI CD Maker:

  1. I’ve choosen the option “Make a CD from an .iso image file”
  2. Then I selected the downloaded Novell .iso-file as the source
  3. That was all. After choosing the writing speed I just clicked “Start”.

It was not necessary to name the CD “netware6”. It was done automatically.

Finalizing is not necessary with NTI CD-Maker. :slight_smile:

Good luck. If it doesn’t work with your program, just install the trial version
of NTI CD&DVD Maker, but make sure to uninstall your CD programs first.

Andy :smiley: