Burning a cd image to dvd r disc

I made a image of windows XP CD using nero and burned the image on a dvd+r disc(dvd-rom) with discjuggler(mode1/cdrom).The dvd disc is bootable and runs fine.Should i really burn this cd image to cd disc not cd image to dvd disc?

It’s a personal choice I guess.

If it boots from the DVD as you’ve done it then fine.

Personally I’d always burn a CD image to a CD-R & this would have been the far cheaper option but these days there’s not much difference in price anyway.

I think the only problem in burning CD image to DVD is that you can only burn one, and then the rest of the media remains blank (especially if you want to keep your bootable disc bootable). And you need to start with a blank media for it to work. Other than that… it should work OK.