Burning a CD Extra with Plextools XL

I am trying to burn a CD Extra with Plextools but I cannot find the option to do so. I have tried also to burn the audio part using a cue sheet (leaving the disc open) and then burn the data and finalising the disc. But when I try to burn the data part, it tells me that the CDR is not empty and I cannot start the burn.

Is there a way to create a CD Extra using Plextools, please?
I want to burn the audio part using a cue sheet.

From where do you set DAO or TAO in Plextools?

I’m new to Plextools, and would really appreciate some help with the questions above.


P.S. I have originally posted this thread in the ‘CD and DVD Burning Software’ forum but they don’t seem familiar with PlexTools there.

After writing the first session (start multisession) with audio data, did you start a new project with “finalise multisession” for the second (data) session?

If you just modified your original project (start multisession, audio data) with the computer data it’ll not append as a second session.

I have used ‘AudioCD Maker’ option, burned the audio using a cue sheet and left the session open. Then, I tried to continue the second session with data but it does not let me continue. When I choose to start multisession, it tells me that the disc is not empty and when I choose to continue or finalise multisession, a window with the title ‘Multisession selection’ appears which shows the first session and expect me to select a track. But the ‘ok’ button is off so I cannot continue from there.

I just tried and experienced the same. Apparently Plextools cannot append another session to an audio session (basically makes sense, but not if you want to do CD-Extra). The very same is also true for NERO Burning Rom software. If I try to append a data session (the window almost looks and says the same… ), however NERO has a special “CD-EXTRA” project that can be selected and that does the job.

Yes, but in that way you cannot use a CUE-sheet, if I am not wrong.
A working method (using EAC + CDBurner XP) is described here. However it does not use PlexTools at all.

As i see it you can use PTPXL for the audio session (incl. cue sheet) but you’ll need to use some other software for the second session.

Other free software you might try: ImgBurn

As topinambur said, if you use the CD Extra feature in Nero you can’t use a cue sheet. Infact that’s why I tried to use PlexTools. Also, with PlexTools you can burn an audio file with a cue sheet leaving the CD open, but you can’t do this in Nero.

I’m trying to avoid burning a CD with two different softwares but I think it could be the only method. I think that I will eventually try the software CDBurner XP as topinambur suggested or ImgBurn as hwp suggested.

But I think that ImgBurn burns only image files. In my case I have a data file (mpg video).

It’s very strange that a software like PlexTools does not burn a CD Extra. I sent to PlexTools support about this issue, but I haven’t received a reply yet.

Have you found a solution for this problem? Because I tried burning the audio image with EAC and Plextools (leaving the disc not finalized), but when I try to burn the data, both PlexTools and Nero want me to select a track but neither allows to select an audio track. I can’t find any option to add another session. (i tried ImgBurn, but won’t work at all - wants me to erase the disc).

I’ve had the same problem. My solution is to use Plextools for the audio and Nero for the data session.

Somehow I doubt that Plextor will change this now.



Thanks for the reply - i had no luck with Nero 8, but CDRWin 4.0 has done the trick.