Burning a bootable CD

Never done this before, so a real Newbie question — How do I burn a bootable CD or DVD that contains data and text files. What I want is that when the disc is inserted into the drive it automatically opens up and shows the contents of the CD, ie. as when I double click on the drive Icon it shows the contents. I know it is not much of an effort to double click the Icon, but I would like it to happen automatic like.

I have tried to do it in NERO 7 but it asks for a disc in drive “A”, which I presume it copies the “boot” part from, and I aint got no disc to put in drive “A”.

So please can some kind Sir, explain in plain Newbie lingo how I go about this ??

Will be much obliged for any assistance

Gerrie C.

i think you’re a little confused.

a bootable cd means you restart the computer with the cd in, and the computer boots from whatever is on the cd (ie a hard disk image, windows boot disk, whatever…)

it sounds to me like you’re just looking to automatically open the folder?

on the surface it seems that what you’re looking for is autorun, but autorunning usually launches a specific program from the cd upon insertion…not just open the folder.

you could use window’s auto insert notification feature set to “open folder” and the check box checked under “perform this option every time” but it’s not really recommended in case you come across dvds or cds with nasty programs that autoinstall (rootkits and whatnot)

autoplay is similar to what you’re looking for, but like i said, as far as i know you can’t get it to just open a folder…it will run a selected file though

[B]reasonsnotrules[/B] — Thanks for your response, I fully understand what you are saying, I guess I am getting lazy. I will just have to make the effort and double Click.

Many thanks for your assistance :clap: :clap:


Gerrie C.

definitely keep checking this thread…just because i don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. i’m continually surprised with the things people on this forum come up with so there may be a solution yet.

i just personally have never come across a CD like that and did a few google searches just now and didn’t come up with anything relevant.

[B]reasonsnotrules[/B] — Thanks once more, will keep an eye on this thread, and hope.


Gerrie C.

Hi, well, from my efforts the past 4 days on making bootable CD’s. You really have to know your ways around all this file placement. Even one little file out of place can mess up an install from a CD. In my post below yours, well it won’t be now, they closed it, this was mentioned. Why they closed that thread was beyond me. All I was doing was trying to make a bootable CD from my new used computer. Oh, such an evil man am I, attempting to create a restore disk, in case my hard drive dies or the OS gets messed up. I wish a forum was drawn up, that truly helped notasadvanced users with their needs and desires. If you know of any, redirect me, appreciate it and hope you can achieve your goal. DD

Da_Taxman provided advice about finding the windows serial number on the tower and said that if you don’t agree with the closure to contact him and he’ll reopen it if you can provide evidence that you’re not asking about illegal activities.

you cannot create a restore disc for windows from files already on a computer. you need the windows cd to do this. if you do not own a windows cd then you do not own a license to install the product therefore it’s not a legal product. best bet is to contact the seller of the computer to obtain the serial for the copy of windows that was installed.

also, it’s not nice to hijack threads…this thread wasn’t really relevant to creating a boot disc as, if you’d read my reply above, the original poster mistook a boot disc for an auto-run activity.

What you asked in the first place is probably “Autorun” and not “boot”.
Depending on the O/S you have it can be a different way.
Assuming you have windows: XP can ask you what you want it to do with the disc, with no need of other things, and you can tell you want it to show the discs content.
(sorry not that familiar with XP)

For win2000 (works with 98 and XP) you can do it, but you need a small text file you have to name Autorun.inf, where you give the instructions.

You will need an exe like AutorunPro.EXE, for instance (look for one that is free to use).
You can arrange a structure for the disc, like using html to create an Index to the folders and/or files in the disc.

The sad point about Autorun discs, they only work if you define your drive to do it and someone else told you before about the inconveniences.
I do agee it’s better to keep out, as this can be a way to install undesirable stuff to your machine without asking your consent.

[B]reasonsnotrules[/B] ---- I did not bother to read psingman’s posting a second time. I fully agree with your comment.

[B]agomes[/B] ---- Thanks for your response, I should have said Autorun, not Boot, but I have come to the same conclusion as in your advice, ie. “[B]it’s better to keep out[/B]” I was I think only, trying to extend my laziness. I am by the way using Win 2k, (do not like XP, too fickle for me)

Many thanks once more.


Gerrie C.