Burning a Blu ray to a BD-RE DL?

Hello, I am trying to find the best method for watching my blu rays on my PS3 whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

I currently rip Blu Rays using AnyDVD HD as ISO files. I then mount them with virtual clone drive and can watch them on my PC.

However, I want to watch them on my PS3 downstairs. As I cannot stream ISO files to it, I need to have the films burnt to disc.

I don’t want any loss of quality on my entertainment set up.

I am wondering if I can burn an ISO to a Dual Layer BD-RE?

This would allow me to wipe it and burn another film when needed!

Is it possible? Surely someone here has tried it.

Yes this is possible. Use ImgBurn, a free burning program, found here: www.imgburn.com Click on [I]Write image file to disc[/I] once you start the program.

Which Blu-ray burner do you have?

The easiest way would be to insert the original movie into the PS3 drive. Yeah, your idea of burning to RE-DL may work too, but the burn time is going to be significant, it’ll be much quicker to walk over to the shelf and get the movie.

Hi and thanks,

I have a Pioneer BDR-203 as my Blu Ray Burner and a Pioneer 215D as my DVD burner.

The burn times don’t really bother me because I can just go away and do something else. All I want is a siomple solution to take an ISO from my blu rauy library which is stored on hard disks and watch it on the TV downstairs.

I think I will grab a BD RE DL and give it a try.

It may be a good idea to check compatibility of your BD-RE DL with your burner and PS 3. I had problems with burning TDK BD-RE DL using my Pioneer 203. That was one of the reasons I have changed it for LG. There is a chance that was faulty disk…
I have also seen some report that certain versions of PS3 would not play BD-RE DL correctly.

Try and google it for more info…

By the way, formatting a BD-RE disk takes quite a lot of time, and it has to be a full format the first time.

I have plenty of time don’t you worry.

Can you reccomend the best disc brand to use then?

I’d get a Sony or Panasonic BD-RE 50gb.

Just thinking of the most efficient way to so this?

I sthere not a way I can rip the blu rays in such a way (with no quality loss) so that I can just stream them over my network onto the PS3?

The PS3 can after all play AVHCD m2ts.

tsMuxeR can take the main movie m2ts file and output in AVCHD format.

I just had a go with that but I can’t even seem to get the right audio track.

I end up with the main movie file playing the commentry rather than the actual film audio track.

Any help guys?

In the screenshot, you’ll see that I’ve opened a blu ray movie with tsMuxeR and imported the main m2ts file, which in this case was the 00011.m2ts file.

You can see the list of streams included in the m2ts file(called tracks in tsMuxeR). The first one is the video, using the H264 codec. The next three are audio streams of various types, and there are more on the list that are not shown. On the left side of the tracks list are boxes with check marks. To remove an audio stream from your finished AVCHD file, uncheck the box before processing.