"Burning" a bin & cue file to HD?



Is there any way to burn a bin and cue of a vcd or svcd to a hard drive instead of a disc and watch it played from the hard drive?

I know how to burn an image of a DVD to hard drive ( I think…From the following I found elsewhere in a forum) within Nero Burning ROM go to ‘File --> Preferences --> Expert Features’. Go to the bottom of this page and enable the option for ‘Enable Image Recorder for all supported recorder formats.Now, go to the Compilation window and select the DVD image recorder.***

Can I do something similar to make a playable file on the hard drive of a VCD?

Thanks for your help


Use VCDgear to change it to mpeg (only takes a few minites if that)
open VCDgear in dropdown select bin\cue to mpeg then browse for cue file and click start.