Burning a backup

Ok i’ve burnt a copy of kill bill 1 with dvd x copy express. I dont have the orginal anymore becuase i’ve sold it. But i need to get a 2nd copy of it. i dont know how to go about this.

I’ve tried 120% and it stops reading at 97%. i’ve also tried using dvd decryptor as well 97%. Is it possible to burn a copy of a backup ? Please help.

If you don’t have the original now then you shouldn’t even have the backup you do have.

i’ve sold it to a friend of mines because it was too scratched up for my dvd player to read it but it worked on his. I burnt a copy of the dvd when i noticed it getting marked up slowly. Now its at a point where its un-readable in general and i’m unable to find it.

FYI: The dvd is a chinese movie that i’ve picked up about 2 years. I don’t know how to tranlate the title directly.