Burning a 96/24 wave file to DVD

I’ve got a wave file that is well over 1GB with 96/24 encoding. Is there any way to burn it on DVD so that my DVD player will recognize it as a 96/24 disc?

There is a program called AudioRemaster (www.eximius.nl) which may do what you want. I have used it to convert 44.1/16 wave files to 96/24 wave files and create a DVD compatible format. I think there was an option to also use 96/24 files as input.

The other alternative is you can use a DVD authoring program to use your wave file for the audio portion. I haven’t tried this but it would be an interesting experiment.

Thank you very much! I used DVD2one’s remaster and I believe it worked correctly although my receiver’s 96/24 light doesn’t light up. It does show the signal is 96 on teh display, however. Hopefully it just converted the file to DVD format without any processing, etc. Thanks again.