Burning 80mins on Sony / HP recorders

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"… If you want to make 80 min CD’s then you have too read this Sony (crx100) has released a new firmware its version 1.0n but the good part about it is that this firmware…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/284-Burning-80mins-on-Sony-_-HP-recorders.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/284-Burning-80mins-on-Sony-_-HP-recorders.html)

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In the article about burnin’ 80 min cd’s it is said a hp 7100 can’t burn 80 min cd’s. It is NOT true I own one myself and I burn 80 min cd’s like I have never done before!!

ik brand 80 min cd op een hp 7200 zonder problemen.

Ik heb al 80 min cd’s gebrand met de 1.0f firmware ( de eerste die er normaal opstaat ) en nog geen problemen mee gehad.

Hee gisteren ook al deze boodschap neer gezet .DEZE INFO KOMT VAN MIJ en NIET VAN CDRINFO!!!


English please.

Ok ( english )
This message is from my site and NOT from CDRINFO .You can read about it at http://www.IAmaJerkAndNotAllowedToAdvertise.com

Cool script duke

Galaxyman: go to CDRInfo and tell them your problem, and please don’t bother us with this stuff…

Lol i never intended to advertise about my site :slight_smile:
I was just trying to say that it was coming from me and yes i already did get in contact with CDRINFO .He was sorry and he didn’t know it ! But ok just for the info IT WORKS also on the HP8110 !!!

Insteadt of using HP´s driver to install it, just use windows own driver and then u can burn 80´min.CD´z =o)
Works for me…

den lange fra DK

Can Sony CD-RW model CRX120E-RP do overburn ? (80 min).

Dominator: I find more bothering when some people rip/grab/steal stuff others wrote and present it as theirs. This is disgusting!

You do not need the firmware for the sony recorder, in order to burn 80 mins with the hp 8100i cd-writer. (Hp confirm this)

Well I have a 8100i and sure enough I can burn on a 80min media, my problem is that when i use the whole 80min i can’t close the disc. Sure hope this piece of SONY firmware will fix it.


I have HP cd-writer+ 7200 and i would like to burn cdr-80. i had downloaded some firmware programs (for DOS) but i had an answer like this: in port 2 the device don’t support flash. Please help me if you can.