Burning 759 meg iso file

veerry new here, struggling out of the womb…
so I’ve got this 756 meg iso that I want to burn on my tdk velocd 12/10/32 (it’s got Just Link, and it seems ok so far). I’d think I could put it on an 80 minute cd, but nero says no. is there some trick I’m missing – does the iso contain misreporting files that I can somehow override – or do I need to find a larger cd and hope the velocd can handle it?

thanks, wilma.
when I tried setting the overburn at 81.30, nero said no.
when I tried at 82.30, it warned me I could mess up the cd (I don’t care) but also that I “could even damage the burner” (I care). But is there really any risk? I’ve got 80 minute imation disks and a 12/10/32 velocd with justlink.

Hi to burn a .iso file you will have to use a different cd burning utility than nero i suggest cdrwin but if you have to use eazy cd creator. When burning in Nero i am assuming you are using dataCD(ISO) when you choose cd format however all that is doing is burning the .iso file as data on a cd not burning it as an image. To burn that file in Nero you nee to rename the file .nrg in order for nero to recognize and select record cd from image hope this helps

If it is an audioCD iso, use BlindWrite. If it is a VideoCD iso, use NTI CD-Maker 2000 Pro.

sorry about being unclear. it’s a set of progs, not music or video.

759 Meg data file ISO? I don’t know how the heck you got it, but you can try to find a program that let’s you edit ISO’s and remove certain files/parts.

thanks. the only thing I’ve found is winiso 3.9. undisker failed to open the file.

thanks for isobuster, wilma, did the trick. files totaled 632 megs, weird that the iso was that much bigger. nero’s happy too.

Well, I’m doing this thing by what I remember of it coz Nero Fuçks up all the drivers off all the other burning progs I use, so I installed Nero on my WinNT part of my dual boot system and all the other on my Win 98 partitions, and I don’t wanna reboot just now, check Nero, then return to Win 98 and continue this reply (I have no internet on my NT partition and it’s hidden from Win 98 due to “security” read: “virus” issues)

First thing is: I suppose you want to burn the “play” disk, you don’t want to archive the image on a CDR, right (coz in that case you’ll have to “rar” it before burning it)?

A) In Nero, you can select file/burn image or sumtin, then Nero only “sees” its own image files (.nrg files)
B) So you must click on the downward triangle in the file requester window and select ''All files ." or sumtin, go to the iso file (probably .bin extension) select it
C) And burn it.
Easy as A,B,C.

You might want to check the File/preferences/advanced/overburn thingie, but I doubt it will be neccesary