Burning 700mb movies please explain

hi …im sure theres easy awnser to this…i downloaded 4 700mb movies…i thought i could put them all on 1 dvd but when i put them through windvd they become 2 dvds containing 6gb …the movie files seem to become bigger…what am i doing wrong…thanks for any help

The avi movies you have downloaded were probably encoded with xvid or divx codec and put into the avi container format. These codecs are capable of much greater compression than the mpeg2 format used in dvd-video.

When you converted to mpeg2, you had to increase the size of the files to maintain the same quality in the video. There is no way to avoid this and still have a video worth watching. It is possible to set most mpeg2 encoders to smaller bitrates, or reduce resolution, but you probably won’t be happy with the results.

Many dvd players can play avi files encoded with xvid or divx. All you have to do is burn them straight to a dvd as data files. Check the manual of your dvd player and see if it has this capability. If not, those types of players are relatively inexpensive these days. Buying one is much more convenient than converting.

wow… thanks for quick awnser…i was downloading movies from piratebay …so if i burn the files direct to dvd is there anyway to put a menu on the dvd like i get when i use windvd…thanks

Most of the movies listed at Pirate Bay are not legal to download. We are fairly strict around here regarding copyright protected materials. Just thought you should be aware of that fact.

Since there is a tiny percentage of legal material there, I’ll let this discussion continue, but this is a touchy subject.

I’m not aware of any way to put a menu on the dvd if you are burning as data. Normally, the player will list all the files included on the disk and let you select the one you want to play.

thanks for the help