Burning 5 CDs at once with Nero 7 is now very slow



I have been burning multiple CDs with Nero 7 for about 2 years now. I recently took the CD drives out of my case to rearrange things but put them right back in. I also recently changed from Vista back to XP SP3. Now when I burn 5 CDs at the same time my burn speeds are very slow. It says 48x but takes about 20 minutes. This is the first time in years this has happened. My system is capable enough to handle this so I cant figure out what the problem is.


Did the drives somehow get switched to PIO mode?


No they are in DMA if available.


are the jumpers set right? are the cables seated right? could be a software issue too, but I don’t like burning 5 CDs at once, it sometimes messes up everything!


All 5 burners are SATA interface. So I dont think they have jumpers. I dont know if this would matter but should it matter which SATA port each one is connected to? I have 8 SATA ports on my MOBO, should they be in certain ones? The software is Nero which does support this. Its just weird becasue I was doing this about 2 weeks ago…