Burning 5.3 gig HDTV .ts file to DVD-R(non dual layer)?



Hey ppl, i asked one of my friends abt backing up sum of my movies as my Hard Drive is showing signs of slowing down, and i want to make sure i get sum home movies backed up before they get erased completely

anyways, i just bought and installed my LG GSA-H42N-BK and got a 100 DVD-R spindle of Taiyo Yuden Dvd’s and im jakt up and ready to go.

now i just want to go thru this process with making as few coasters as necessary…

i have an 1080p HDTV file that was a .ts file and i just changed the extension to a .mpeg file thats around 5.3 gb. Now my question is how to i get this behemoth filesize to play on my TV when i pop it in?

i have ConvertXtoDVD, and DVD shrink, and Nero 7(not currently installed, but i can if necessary)

do i need a HD dvd player to be able to read this? or an HDTV?

also, if it is possible to get this to play on a regular tv and regular dvd player, would the quality be seriously dominated by the time its converted to play on dvd?

I would rather sacrifice certain portions of the movie clip than the quality of it.

And if that is the case? any suggestions on video file editing software i should get? Ive heard good things about Adobe Premier, but i dont know how easy that is to use, also…my video card is less than great…so would managing HDTV video editing such as this file be near impossible w/o a better GPU?

phew, thats a lot of questions fer just one problem, and thanks in advance for reading if not answering



You CANNOT without down-transcoding to a dvd compliant res and bitrate.



You won’t be able to play an HD quality file without an HD capable dvd player, and you won’t be able to enjoy the quality without an HDTV.

ConvertxtoDVD and DVDShrink are both good programs. You do not want to just rename a .ts file to a .mgep file. Programs like Adobe Premiere Elements allow you to bring in a .ts file (which is actually just .vob files in a .ts. folder), and then edit, re-encode, or a multitude of other functions. You will want to make your HDTV file into a 720 x 480 NTSC output. Yes you will lose a little bit of quality, but unless you are using a large screen tv, I seriously doubt you will be able to detect the difference.


wow thanks for the responses, that shines some light onto my prob and i think i know what im doing now.

Buuut… i still have the issue of a pretty crappy graphics card, and i dont know how that will affect any hdtv video editing ill do.

whats the verdict on that? do i need a fairly high end graphics processing unit to edit that kind of video?


Editing and re-encoding your video will push the capabilities of your cpu, not your graphics card. It will take hours to encode to 720 x 480. On long encoding jobs, I just let it run overnight while I’m sleeping.


If you have a Hidef capable display, then conversion of 1080P HD resolution video to SD resolution video [B]will[/B] be noticeable.


If your HD video is encoded with MPEG-2, conversion time to SD MPEG-2 should not be too slow if using a modern CPU. If AVC encoded video though, :sad: much more CPU intensive.