Burning 4x media at 8x or even 16x?



yeah i have a lite on bunner a d/l 16x and i got some slow 4x media and i want to burn them at least at 8x i read some where along time back about burn slower media at faster speeds and i was wondering if any one here could tell me what all i need to do this and were to get it.



If my LiteOn is anything to go by, I don’t think you can overspeed media on them (I have to use my LGs to overspeed, and even then it depends on the media). I may be wrong, though, so maybe someone will correct me if I am.

I’d burn those 4x discs at their rated speed.



Your burning application will tell you which burn speeds your drive’s firmware supports with any given disc. Some 4x media will burn at 8x (or perhaps even 12x) with the right burner and firmware, but the write quality is likely to suffer in many cases. TY GO1 media will often burn fine at 8x if the burner supports it, but I don’t know about other brands.


I know Nero will limit your write speed based on the quality of the media. At least it does with my Lite-On SOHR 2039V.



MAXELL002, YUDEN000 T02, and MCC003 all overspeed nicely to 12x in my LG drives (yes, I know they’re 8x discs, not 4x ones ;))…the LiteOn just won’t overspeed them though, not for me, anyway :smiley:


o thats all i have is a lite-on i guess i will burn them at 4x i just got alot of 4x’s i need to get rid of and i was wanting to burn them at least 8x


With newer Liteons there’s a program called SmartBurn that allows functions called Hypertuning and Overspeeding, it would allow you to burn at 8x at least. But I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t support the 1633 and won’t in the future either. My NECs with modified firmware and my Benq 1640 Overspeed well though.


Unless something has changed that I’m not aware of with the newer liteons, you can modify the the firmware to enable any burn speed you want with any media. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should though. Only higher quality medias can be overspeeded and even if the media is of high enough quality, it still comes down to if your drive can burn it faster well. Use omnipatcher to modify the write speeds of your firmware
IF you decide to use omni patcher, I would sugest you click the apply recomended tweaks button when modifying the firmware. It will change some of the write stratagys to improve your chances of sucessfully overspeeding. I’m not sure if you are farmiliar with error scanning, but if you plan on overspeeding media, it is mandatory that you learn how to error scan. The media may burn fine at 4x but burn terible at 8x (or it could burn good at 8x) and the only way to know for sure is to error scan the disks to see how well it can burn them. My liteon is an older model but I have burned literally hundreds (maybe over a thousand) ricohjpnr01 at 8x on it and every single one burns absolutlly exelent. Ricohjpnr01 is 4x media by the way and it is very good quality media.
Before you consider doing this though, I sugest you do some reading. I’m not sure how much you know, but you need to know what media codes are and what the media codes of your disks are. You need to know how to error scan and know how to interprete the results. You need to become farmiliar with firmware and how to flash it.
I would start reading up in the liteon forum
maybe start with the faq
what is the media that you want to overspeed by the way? the brand is meaningless. find the media code using dvd identifier. Its the manufacture and media id.