Burning 4x Discs At 8x

I aked this question on the media forum but was directed here.

I have the BTC 1008. What software do I need to use to burn 4x discs at 8x speed?

My firmware is upgraded to 0256. I have tried using Nero and Pinnacle software, but I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

Can someone help me out please? Thanks!

You don’t need a special software but very few discs works at 8x.

The only 4x discs that works at 8x with this drive is:

YUDEN000T01 (revision 1 only) 4x DVD+R
CMC.MAG.F01 (revision 1 only) 4x DVD+R

Other 4x discs will only write at 4x.

8x DVD+R discs should also work at 8x of course :wink:

Ahhhhh, I get it. Thanks for the media codes. I am on a mission to acquire some of these discs to try em out. Thanks!

If it helps here is some brands I’ve found of these discs:

DAXON.AZ1 4x DVD+R : 1 brand found: BenQ 4x DVD+R
YUDEN000T01 (revision 1 only) 4x DVD+R: 1 Brand found: Plextor 4x DVD+R
CMC.MAG.F01 (revision 1 only) 4x DVD+R: No brands found…

Good luck on finding any of these as they are quite hard to get.

You better try to find some 8x discs as that may be easier…