Burning 4x as 1x .help needed

Guys i have one problem I have HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-4082B.Before one month i formated the disk and since then i encouter problems with my DVD RAM . At speed of 2x i burn cds in 25 min but in 4x i burn them in 58 min !!!
First i tought it was due to the service pack 2 which i have installed but not.
Then i checked all the drivers for the CD but nothing
I upgraded all the software to the newest versions but nothing
I checked the secondary IDE con. it has DMA enabled

Because i haven’t added any new hardware we persume that its a software problem.But all the things i have done are regarding to the software and every attempt was unsuccessful .


how do u connect/configure ur drives? list out

My disk is primary master and the cd-ram is primary slave.

Yikes, not a good setup. Without a full backup, you should never even attempt to enable DMA on the drive in this configuration. With other CD drive brands I have seen data corruption of hard drives when DMA is activated on a CD drive when it is slaved to the hard drive. I have seen LG drives functioning in this configuration without data corruption, but it is never good to mix low and high speed devices on the same IDE channel with DMA active on both.

The LG drive should definitely be moved to the secondary channel, and preferably in the master position unless you have updated the firmware. The current version for your drive is A207. On a 4120B with early firmware versions and the drive in the slave position, I had problems getting the drive to burn at correct speeds even when installed on the secondary channel. I notified LG of the problem, and I have since tested it working ok in the secondary slave position with firmware A111. I don’t know if the 4082B had any master-slave problems like I had with my 4120B, but regardless you are less likely to have problems with the drive in the master position as then it is controlling termination of signals on the channel.