Burning 4K UHD ISO (BDMV structure) to 100GB blank disc


I’ve read on DVDFab Forum that it it possible to burn 66GB content to 100GB disc. Did someone try that? I’ve got some Verbatims ordered straight away from Japan and it would be great if this is finally possible… Source link:


P.s. Why burning more than 66GB is not available yet? Is that some kind of limitation or?? If someone would like a source with Verbatims 100GB I have for 3 Euro 1 pc.


Leads to 404, into the VOID.

I don’t believe in such myths, even more when they are illogical.

I’ve made ISO in DVDFab on my OSX and in DVDFab player this looked fine with menu etc… after that I’ve burned ISO in img burn (Windows OS)… I’ve checked that… not working on Xbox One X… The same thing in DVDFab Player… I can’t understand what is the difference playing 1:1 ISO on DVDFab and burned on Xbox One X also 1:1… I’ve thought that this is due 3 layers etc but obviously original copy is working without any issues on Xbox as well… weird…

I don’t own this hardware, the conclusion drawn from web discussions is that no variant of the Xbox hardware supports BDXL recordable media:

FWIW the spec sheet on my Sony UHD-BD player categorically states that it is incompatible with high capacity BDR media.

…would that be all BD-R/E media above 50GB / DL?!?

That’s how I would interpret it.

Right, so why the original 100GB is working? If this is 1:1 copy?

Because it is trivial for the firmware on a player to determine the difference between a pressed UHD-compliant disc, and a recorded non-UHD-compliant blank which has been made to look like one.

There are no consumer players that support Triple Layer BDXL (100GB) BD-R discs at this time. The BDXL discs are fine as BD-ROM for use on a supporting PC drive. You should be able to, for example, store MKV files on one. But I can’t think of a reason you’d want to, given the cost.