Burning @ 40x

hello. i have a ltr40125s. my problem is whenever i burned a cd at 40x using a 40x cdr, the buffer underrun will kick in (on and off) and this really slow down the burning process. i’m using nero. what is causing the problem ??

Do you have DMA turned on? If not it will go up and down and burn slow.

dma is on…

this may sound dum but do you have dma turned on on your harddrive and your burner?

dma is on for both ide

Run the speed tests in CDSpeed, and the HD speed tests in Nero, see how your system fares for delivering data. You do not state what you are trying to burn, I suggest you create an image file, using “image recorder”, of about 700MB of system files to use for test purposes.
What, specifically, is the buffer showing in Nero? Just because the drive light alternated yellow to red does not mean it’s a buffer problem, it could be media.