Burning 360 IMAGE.000 file? Burner ejects?

Hi All :slight_smile:

Ive been burning my 360 back ups now for a while.

I am trying to burn a back up of a game, which is a IMAGE.000 / IMAGE.DVD

I am loading the IMAGE.DVD into clone CD and it gets to about 18 seconds, and it ejects the Disc, saying burn to PIONEER 111D failed. (But no data has been wrote on the disc)

I have never had this problem before, and I know its not the discs?

Is they a way to change the file to .ISO? (as I know that 110% works?)

Any help would be great

did you rip this file yourself…is it in its own folder?

when i have used xbc in the past and dumped the file straight onto my desktop without creating a folder it does the above.

I didnt personally rip the file myself no, is they a way around it?

Yeah, it is in its own folder, with


and the settings in the .DVD file are correct

I have tried CLONECD and also DVD Drcrypter, and also Xbox Backup Creator V2.3 to burn

and I seem to get this message

Action: Set Layer 0 Capacity
Sense Error: 3/ 73 / 03
Power Calibration Area Error
0XBF 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00 0C 00 00

most probably media related …:slight_smile:

hey there,
ive been having a similar problem! ive been burning a 360 image.dvd file, using clone cd on a pioneer 111d and it starts the lead in for about 20 secs then jumps to 100% then moves to the lead out so i end up with no game and an expensive coaster, ive updated the firmware on the drive and still the same problem…
any ideas???
would really appreciate any help!

when you move your mouse over the .dvd file how many bytes does it display??? and what media are you using?

when i try to open the DVD file with clonecd it came a error “can`t open the specifided file” what can i do to fix it? (bad english)

please help me!!!

if you know what i can do, contact me on thomas.knutsen@hotmail.com!!!

[QUOTE=mull3t;1758331][B]I didnt personally rip the file myself [/B]no, is they a way around it?

Yeah, it is in its own folder, with


and the settings in the .DVD file are correct[/QUOTE]

So this thread has to be closed! :cop:

Use imgburn to burn the .dvd of the file…

dont make things complicated just change the name IMAGE.000 files to ISO and thats it you can burn using clonecd or img burn:)

To make it clear to everybody example image.000 what you gonna do is rename it remove 000 for short type image.iso