Burning 25GB BD-R Discs at 8x?




I’ve got an LG WH12LS30 Blu-Ray burner and use IMGBurn exclusively.

A few weeks ago I accidentally burned a 25GB Smart Blu BD-R disc at 8x with IMGBurn. I say accidentally, because I normally burn at 2x to be on the safe side.

The burning process completed successfully.
However, I’m concerned about the integrity of the data on the disc.
Do BD-R discs burned at high speeds (8x and above) have a shorter shelf life or lower data integrity?

I’d like to state that I have a 2011 PC with 16GB of ram and AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Thuban 3.3GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor.

Any information would be appreciated.




Its good media and should be ok. Many of our members push this media past its rated 4x speed in their testing and still have good results. Though the disks are rated at 4x nominally, it really depends on the burner, and with yours it should be fine.

I always burn single layer BD-R at 4x with my older LG GGW H20L, and have had no issues. I doubt you need to slow it down all the way to 2x.


Thanks for the swift reply Kerry!

You have precisely answered my questions.
Much appreciated.

Happy Holidays,



Just a confirmation. I’ve tested the Smartblu’s in my LG WH10 and WH12 at 6x and 8x more than a few times. The scan results have been very good, and the acid test of smooth playback with videos in a fussy standalone indicate they are very clean burns. The LG’s do an excellent job with this TDK MID, you can burn these at 4x with a high level of confidence that you are getting the data integrity and longevity that FTI specs them at. You don’t need to slow down to 2x to get quality burns with these as you might with some others.


Hmm, yes, I should have mentioned that I burn single layer BD-R at 4x, but only use high quality media. Verbatim in my case, though I recently bought some of those Smart Blu disks.


Thank you for the in-depth information on burn quality Dean.
Burning at 4x instead of 2x will save me much time from now on. :cool: