Burning 2 Images 2 One DL Disc

hey guys…i have a couple of movies that are kinda old and use the side a, side b thing with a single layer dvd. i normally use dvdd to make an image of the movie then burn with image burn. with such titles as goodfellas, and sleepers there are 2 images. what do i need to do to burn these images on one dl disc and have it play the whole movie without stopping? thanks in advance.

oh yeah i forgot to mention i dont compress or anything like that…just want a 1:1 copy to a dl disc.


you will need to rip the dvd’s to your hard disk with dvd decrypter or clone dvd and put them together again, Nero recode 2 should be able to turn the dvd’s to one DL dvd once ripped with clone dvd. There might be audio/video sync problems, i always get audio/video sync problems when editing with nero recode 2. Anyone else reccomend another prog? Maybe im not on the right track here??

I wanted to turn the movie ‘good fellas’ to one DL disc but wasnt able to.