Burning 2 Hour project to DVD Master

I just got done editing a 2 hour project that I have dumped to a dual layer DVD. My question is how do I determine the best minimum, target, and Maximum bit rate. The project is full of effects and transitions and lots of fast moving objects. Compression is something that could kill the over all quality. My current setting is VBR with a 2K minimum, 7500 target and 9300 max. Does this sound right or I guess my question is…what is the best way to make sure I am getting the best burn possible. It was HDV that was down converted.


Which mpeg2 encoder are you using?

Your figures are very much on the high side. Many dvd players don’t handle extremely high bitrates on dvd video very well, plus you need to have some room for the audio stream. I assume you are using ac3 for audio?

I’d shoot for 8000 max, 6000-6500 for the average and 2000 for minimum. A bitrate calculator will show that you can use higher bitrates than this, but they may cause problems on playback.

Here is an mpeg bitrate calculator over at videohelp.com: http://www.videohelp.com/calc.htm

I am trying your suggested setting now. Testing is always good to try.
I am using Avid DVD by sonic for my trans coding and my burning.

I got a pretty good burn with my previous setting but there is some motion blur when there is a high contrast of colors and fast motion. Plus It would not play on a friend of mines DVD player…might have been an older one. It is tough to watch it on DVD when I have been looking at it on my editing system as uncompressed HDV. LOL