Burning 2 DVD's

Is it possible to burn 2 DVD’s at once? Each will have different data.

If you have 2 DVD writers, yes…
You have to start your burning program twice, one for each player. Just did it for CDs earlier today.

Be careful though, you may not get optimal speed, because each burning process takes up a lot of resources.

Starting the burning program twice makes sense, but won’t they conflict with each other? I plan on using Nero v66016 with 2 Sony DRU-830A drives. Would the same principle work backing up movies? For example ripping and burning 2 at once. Thanks for your help.

You can only find out by trying…
Do simulation or use rewritables if you want to be cost efficient.

As I said, I used it with CDs only last week and it worked flawlessly (CDs do take less CPU resources though)

Mine is doing this right now with the same data being burned with no issues at all on 4x DVD+RW’s.

However, using 2 different sets of ISO’s comming from the same HD doesn’t work well. It will work, but it’s slow. Having each different ISO located on separate HD’s works just fine too at 4x. I don’t really want to test faster, because it would require I burn un-needed data to 2 good blank DVD+R’s instead of RW’s (4x in RW media is all I have on hand, I don’t even know if it comes any faster in RW’s)

Hope this helps…