Burning 2 dvd at once!



On my old pc, I could burn 2 different dvd’s at once, both at 6 speed.

On my new pc, I can’t even burn 2 dvd’s at 4 speed. The read buffer drops to 0 on both drives, about every 45 seconds.
Cpu use is between 0% - 2%, no memory shortage.
I used Sandra to do a harddrive benchmark (76 -146 MB/s read), (and al the other benchmarks also did’t show any problems).

Does anyone have any ideas on what’s the problem? Thanx!

I’m using nero
nForce chitpset drivers 9.35 (also tried 9.17)

My specs:
MSI K9N Diamond (nForce 590)(bios 1.1)
2 * Seagate Barracuda 10 320GB (nForce Raid 0, sata 1,2)
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S (NEC) (sata 3)
Lite-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P (IDE 1 Pri. Master (udma 4))


Assuming the optical drives are not on the same port, (it appears they are not), that just leaves the hard drive as the problem.

Are you trying to burn the same project to both drives? Or different projects from different instances of Nero?


Hey, Thanx for the quick reply!

I’m burning 2 different project with 2 instances of nero!

Yes that’s why I did the hard drive benchmark, but it’s not showing me any problems with it.

I was thinking of some nForce problem, writing to IDE and Sata at the same time, would be nice if anyone could confirm something like this.


I know that a lot of people had problems with sata optical drives (especially plextor), awhile back. Perhaps that has something to do with your problem. What happens when you burn only to your sata optical drive?


When I just burn to my sata optical drive it goed fine, I haven’t tried it faster then 8 speed yet.

I bought the sata because this mobo only has 1 IDE channel. But it’s quite new!

I wil try it at 16 speed later on.


Try some differerent burning app. You can try to burn both discs with ImgBurn, or the 1st with Nero and the second with ImgBurn.
But i have a suspicion that the problem lies in the SATA interface. If you have a spare IDE drive, you can try to burn on the two IDE ones if it works.


OK, so you have 2 read buffers, one in each instance of Nero. Are they BOTH draining out, or just one? What IDE controller driver is in use? Make sure it’s the default MS driver, nothing from Nvidia.

As a test, what happens if you try to copy 1GB files from each of the 2 optical drives to the RAID array at the same time? Time each file transfer separately and see how it adds up.

As an aside: You are gaining almost nothing by running the 2 Seagates in RAID-0. In fact, it may even be slower. RAID-0 will only help with very large file transfers to and from drives of equal or higher speed.
I would consider using the 2 drives in non-RAID mode as separate volumes. This might solve any bottleneck problems you might have, and allow you to burn a DVD from each of the 2 drives at the same time.

I’m wondering if your issue might be related to running the optical drive on the SATA controller that is also set for RAID. These things can be pretty finicky.


reply @ molnart: I Can’t use 2 IDE optical drives, because they would have to go on 1 IDE channel as master and slave. the mobo only has 1 IDE connector pinned out.

reply @ CDan: The IDE driver is from nVidia, I will roll back the MS driver, and see what happens.
Both the buffers drain out.

I’ll post a reply when i’ve tried out al of your suggestions, Thanx


Progress report: :frowning:

  • Rolling back the MS IDE driver did not help!

  • Using 2 different burning programs (nero, imgburn) did not help!

  • I did a simultanious read test on the 2 drives using 2 identical disks:
    result where the same when doing it one at a time.
    NEC: 10,8 avg 15.8 max
    Lite-On: 10,9 avg 16,3 max

  • I burned a dvd on the sata drive at 16x, while making an image from a dvd in the IDE drive. no problemo!

  • The problem also appears, when copying a dvd image to a mapped network drive (1GB connection), and simultaniously a dvd image to an external usb drive. instead of 3 minutes it will take 29 minutes!

So the problem only appears when 2 processes are reading from the same hard drive. instead of an expected 50% - 80% decrease in speed, it’s about 250%. that’s not acceptable :disagree: is it?

Now I will try connecting the drives as non raid.
Should I connect both drives on the same sata controller (sata 1 and 2) and the optical drive on sata 3?
Or should I connect them on different controllers (sata 1 and sata 3) and the optical drive on sata 5.


So, at least on the surface, it seems this is unrelated to burning but to the SATA-RAID controller.

On the off chance that SATA 5 & 6 are somehow different from 1-4, try connecting the burner to 5 or 6. I doubt it will matter what ports you use for the HD’s, but I’d stick with 1 & 2.

Once the array is broken and you’re switched to non-RAID, also check speeds when transferring files between the 2 hard drives.


I found out that the nForce driver update didn’t work, only the network and smbus driver’s where updated. I had to manually update the raid class/sata drivers. nice work from nVidia! But this only gave me a slight increase, but not good enough.

Changing to non raid did do the job, but stil not as good as my old mobo with a promise sata 150 raid controller with 2 200 GB diamondmax 10 drives (raid 0).

I’m probably gonna stick with raid, and take this problem to the MSI forum, and nag until I can burn 2 dvd’s at 8x. Promise rulezz!

Thanx for al the help!! cya


Keep in mind that a big factor in being able to burn 2 separate DVD’s is access time on the hard drive. It’s not unusual to find drives that have trouble with 2 burns at 8x. RAIDing helps with transfer rate, but does nothing for access time.


The partition I use for dvd’s, has an average access time of 7ms, that must be good.

But i’ve put in a 3rd drive, burning 1 dvd from the raid, and the other from the extra drive. works perffectly!!

but any idea if the raid blocks have affect, I have it set to 64 k blocks, Is it worth trying 32 k blocks ?


That’s very likely the SEEK time, not access time. If the array has more than one partition, that will slow seek and access times a bit.

RAID block size will have no impact on burning at all, and only a very small effect on sustained transfer speeds.


Hey Blue_Ellob Im having the exact same problem! So far I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my chipset drivers, checked for DMA in the dev manager, tried different software (nero and imgburn have the same problem), and gone crazy! If you find out the solution please post as I will be sure to if i find out.

MSI K8N Diamond nonSLI
4 Different HD’s on SATA non RAID
1 NEC 2510A Primary IDE Master UDMA Mode 2
1 MADDOG 16X3DVD9 Secondary IDE Master UDMA Mode 2


Finally, someone with the same problem, I’ve been searching the MSI forum but can’t find anything similar.

Be shure to check if the sata drivers are acctually updated, the installer doesn’t update the old one. They do give a bit improvement!


Not really the same situation, as he has both burners on IDE.


I think CDan is right :bow: , I’ve been searching on some different forums, finding reactions that burning 2x 8 speed from the same drive/partition, may only be possible on scsi an raptor drives.
2* 6 speed are possible on sata drive’s with fast seek and access time.
And 2 * 4 speed should not be a big problem.

And with the new nVidia drivers i’m able to burn 2 * 4x on my raid, and 2 * 6x on a non raid. probably because I have 7 partitions on the raid, and i’m using the slowest partition for the dvd images. :o

But because u have 4 drives, u should be ably to burn 2* 16x, when using 2 images on 2 different drives. not that I recomment 16x but it’s nice to know that I can!

And if u can’t, you might have a different problem.


By jove, I think you guys helped me single out where the problem is. When I 8x burn 2 different images from 2 different drives at the same time, I have no problem but when I try to burn 2 different images from the same drive my buffer drops every 30-40 seconds in turn making my dual 8x burn take between 30-45 min.

The answer lies somewhere on the hard drive bus (HD - SATA chipset). Im kind of leaning toward the SATA chipset drivers or even the chipset itself.

Ill try burning dual 6x’s and see if they go through without the buffer spiking and report back. Maybe dual 8x is just too fast for 1 SATA HD.


No dice on the dual 6x burn over here. Im going to try throwing my computer on the floor a couple times…

Ill report back.