Burning 2 data dvds at once (nero)

I’ve looked all over the web for a step by step tutorial on what to do. Im using nero burning rom full version. In the burning options “use multiple recorders” is checked. The problem thus far

I only get this window to store what I want to burn

I want to figure out how I can get dual windows to throw in what I want to burn… then hit the burn button and have both drives start burning. Btw I changed the color to 16bit to get the picture size smaller (to lazy to compress) :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be very appreciated

If you are trying to burn two different sets of data to two different discs, then forget about it. Use multiple recorders is for burning two copies of the same disc at the same time.

You need [B]DiscJuggler[/B] they also have a step by step guide :slight_smile:

Then use Nero Burning ROM for dual windows.

Just start up Nero more than once…