Burning 2.3G Avi to a dvd in avi format

Hi all
I have a problem! most of the films i burn as avi on my laptop to dvd are in the 700mb-1.7G region and are no problem on my nero 8
I select dvd then Iso/Udf and it burns happly no problem this plays on my dvd player that has divx compatibility.
My friend gave me a film that is in avi format but is 2.3G and nero says its too big for Iso/Udf and to burn it as Udf, I did this but it wont play on the dvd/divx player in my living room !
My question is how to burn the film as it is 2.3G to avi like i do the smaller files. Can Nero do this without cutting quality and why, if it can burn 6 films in Iso/Udf that makes 4.3G will it not take that individual file of 2.3G?!! I am using XP
Thanks all :eek:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The problem is the file size. To burn a so large file you have to use UDF, but then only a computer drive will be able to read that disc. For what I know, no standalone can read UDF only discs :frowning:

The solution is to split the file into two chunks with virtualdub or avidemux for example :slight_smile:

Hi all
First of all big thanks to geno888 for your quick reply it is very much appreciated. I am downloading avidemux at the moment so hopefully I can have a crack at it then. Great to have geno888 explain these jargons in plain english, this site rules !
will get back on when I attempt avidemux
thanks again

You’re welcome :slight_smile: