Burning 188 MP3 tracks

Hi all,
I’ve read a few of these forums and think or hope someone can help me.
I am unable to burn a MP3 music CD with 726 MBs being used.
I am burning on Prodisc 90mins-R056 (24X) which hold about 800MBs so that should be no problem
I am using a MITSUMI CR-487ETE CD writer which should be compatiby with the cds.
I’ve tried using Burn4Free, Nero Burning Rom with overburn and it kept erroring out. Also with Nero, I get “The maximum number of entries in the audio complation is 99!” I have 188 tracks, how can I change this?

Please help!


[QUOTE=Daspark;2289446]The maximum number of entries in the audio complation is 99!" I have 188 tracks, how can I change this?[/QUOTE]

Under audio cd specifications the maximum number of tracks you can have is 99. You can’t change this or if there is a way which I don’t think there is then the audio cd would be out of specification.

If you want the files left as MP3s then you need to create a data disc and not a audio cd.

If I’ve ever made an MP3 disc with that many tracks I’ve had to split them into albums. If you try and put that many tracks on an MP3 many players don’t want to know.

so if you had 100 singles for example, I’d break them into 20’s

Yeah they are many different albums.
It all of Eminem, All this records plus some other tracks, so the cd player will read and organize it find, just seems like getting to many tracks to do it now.
Thats how I normally do my cds, all in MP3 format and Im able to get a lot of songs on to normal 700MB cds.
Adding em’s new album, caused me to over load the 700’s so I got 800’s and now causes my problem.

Thanks all for continuing to help

If your player supports it look into making it a data disc, I’ve made a few that has up to 12 hours of music which is more then 99 tracks :bigsmile:

So I tried burning not as audio, I thought I tried that before, and its saying not enough space. As stated these should hold 800mbs. I’m going to go with maybe they don’t. Does anyone know where I can get some 800MB cds. I don’t a lot, don’t need nor want the 50 packs.

Hi Storm,
Thanks, I’m pretty sure the burner supports it, It should, anyone know a utility to test my burner?

You need to put each album in its own folder & I think you will have less problems.
Are you actually trying to burn 188 songs that are in one folder ?
Anyway you need to burn them as a data disc to do what you want.
Many burning programs have a choice to do this.
On an Audio CD probably the max would be 25 songs & usually not that.Because on an Audio CD the would be .cda files which are really .wav files These are much larger files than .mp3’s .
I know ImgBurn will do multiple folders of .mp3’s from build mode .
Burnting a CD like you want but if it will do a folder with 188 .mp3’s I don’t know .I’ve never tried it.

Yeah, thats how I have it. I have about 9 -10 folders, one for each album. I have used ImgBurn before, I will try again
it’s been a little bit so I try that

You need to use build mode & build to the CD in your drive.
If your math is correct it should do it.
You peaked my curiosity so I’m testing a single folder with 83 .mp3’s in it .Since I’m using a 650MB CD -RW that’s all it will hold.
Just load all 8 or 9 folders in the build mode window.
I usually use the calculate function .If it calculated OK then select burn.

@OP, you’re making it far too difficult for yourself…As was previously explained, and when you grasp the concepts, should be simple enough…
A standard (Redbook Audio CD)16/44.1khz PCM/wav(s), can [I]only[/I] store [B]74~80[/B] min. worth of music… An MP3 [I]data disc[/I] using Imgburn and written in [I]Build [/I]mode can store ~[I][B]700MB[/B][/I] worth of mp3 files ( many hours playback time), make sure your player supports it…
Apply that to whichever process you choose accordingly…
Audio CD= total [I]playing[/I] time
MP3 data disc= total file size of mp3s combined(in MBs), using 700MB or 800 MB disc…Hope this helps…

The test CD -RW worked .It has 82 songs as .mp3’s.I put these all in one folder .The size of the folder was 644MB.I burned this with ImgBurn build mode.
I know that Daspark didn’t actually want to want to burn all 188 songs this way after asking a few questions he wanted to burn 8 or 9 folders properly grouped .
If his math is correct & the 188 tracks( I guess these are songs) total 726 MB .Then he should be able to burn that to a 800MB CD-R with ImgBurn in build mode.
I now know that ImgBurn will burn 82 songs this way.I haven’t tested the disc on anything but my computer which was able to play this disc.I intend to test it some tonight.I’m not sure if CD/DVD players will play it.Since I created it I’m going to try before I erase it.
Who knows someone may want a disc like this.

The OP should be able to fit as many MP3 files as will fit the disc being used…Whether it’s 188 tracks , a single 600-700 mb file or 8-9 folders is not the point…It’s the total file [I]size/I of the mp3s combined that matters…

mp3 is no problem, but be aware that a CDDA/Audio CD is limited to 99 tracks (riff wave, 16bit, stereo, 44100Hz).

So I used ImgBurn and it tells me not enough space and im using the 800MB cds but its only seeing them as 702?!?

What does Windows Explorer show the disc size to be ?
Also while there R click & select properties.Does it show any used space ?
Open the disc are there any files on it?
It is possible your CD drive doesn’t have the capability to write to a 800MB CD disc.

I have some additional information for Daspark.You may have a manual for your drive that has more information from what I found it is limited to 700MB.
You can test to see if your drive is capable of overburning with
Nero CD­DVD Speed or Nero DiscSpeedÂ
I haven’t tried this test so I’m not sure exactly how to use it.You might want to Google for a guide.
Here is something I found at CDF for overburning with Nero:

[QUOTE=Inertia;335350]An 800 MB (90 minute) disc is a nonstandard length. Any disc over 700 MB (80 minutes) must use Nero overburn settings to allow it to be burned. Use the following settings:

  1. Don’t use the Nero Wizard. It will not allow overburning as it defaults to Track-At-Once. If it is active, close it.

  2. Multisession | No Multisession must be checked

  3. ISO | Check Mode 1 and Joliet

  4. Burn | Check Write and Finalize CD (No further writing possible). Write method must be Disk-At-Once.

  5. In the main menu, File | Preferences | Expert Settings check “Enable overburn disk-at-once burning”. If you are using a 800 MB data disc, you can set the Maximum CD length to 90 minutes 0 seconds 0 frm. Hit Apply, then OK. If you are using a 650 or 700 MB data disc, use the overburn capacity test in Nero CD Speed to estimate the maximum overburn capacity.

  6. The Red and Yellow marker settings in File | Preferences | General Settings have no effect on burning or overburning. They are there just as a visual aid.

These settings should allow you to attempt an overburn if your recorder and the media support it.[/QUOTE]
With ImgBurn it is supposed to automatically have overburning capability if the drive supports it

This is from the ImgBurn forum by LIGHTNING UK!

There is nothing in ImgBurn to limit you.

You simply accept that it won’t fit on the disc going by standard sizes and [U][B] it’ll automatically try to overburn to whatever size it needs to be. [/U][/B]

You are using Imgburn in ‘Build’ mode right?..If not, you’re creating an Audio CD and not a data disc…
Using a CD-R or RW?..

Hi all
I believe I got it to work. Used ImgBurn build, and it seems to of overburned automatically. Seems like everything is good.
Thank you all, all i need to do now is listen to it all and make sure its good, might take a little bit :slight_smile:
Thanks again

90 minute cd’s are reported at 80 minute ones (everything over 80 looks like 80), that’s why you see the prompt where ImgBurn says the discs are ‘only’ 700MB.

It’s down to your drive to accept the commands where ImgBurn attempts to burn past the 80 minute point - and obviously yours managed to do that ok :slight_smile: