Burning 16x discs at lower burn speeds

Whereas in another thread I posted a scan of an MCC004 burnt at 4x in my BenQ1640 with BSLB http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1432969&postcount=20 and it isn’t a coaster. Whereas in the same thread Frank mentions the poor results burning MCC004 at such a slow speed in his NEC.

Thank you for the link, franz99. It had to be HIM :slight_smile: ! I’ve often thought that some here were a bit too categorical about burning at low speeds being “bad”. It’s clear already from all your input above that there’s no simple yes or no answer.

In the interest of science and seeing as it’s a bank holiday here (and to get in Arachne’s favour again :stuck_out_tongue: ), here are some scans I made today. Not my best spindle of MIT Verbs (or so I thought at least) because they don’t burn well at 16X, with excessive jitter at high speeds. But scanning with the Litey flatters them in that respect. Burned in my Plex 716UF thru ALi FireWire (PowerRec kicks in nicely on the 16X burn). Now I know how good they are when burned at lower speeds :slight_smile: .

16X Burn Speed

12X Burn Speed

8x Burn Speed

6x Burn Speed

4X Burn Speed

Whoa…cheers for those scans, Cressida :iagree: - I might still do some myself later, cause you can bet your life I’ll be bored at some point :bigsmile:

Looks like, as you say, any speed would be fine with those. I’m impressed :bigsmile:

You bet. :bigsmile: Though while it’s a great scan, the most impressive part of 4X burns, [I]assuming the firmware does a good job at this speed[/I] (which is not always the case just as several posters have mentioned - each combination is a [I]unique[/I] case), is something not appearing on Cressida’s scan: jitter.

In the best cases it’s possible to achieve < 7% jitter (in Benq scans) when burning @4X. But I’ll add my voice to what has been input before in this thread: burning 16X rated media @4X can end in wildly varying results depending on media, burner and firmware version. :iagree:

Yap, Cressida rocks! :slight_smile:

Anyway, as Dakhaas said Francksoy said, the media and drive (firmware) are optimized burning at low speed on 16x media, in this case 4x and 6x.

Thanks for those scans, Cressida - excellent job! :clap:

From those scans we can see that the Verbatim 1-16x DVD-R media is in fact multi-speed if the firmware is properly tuned like it is in the Plextor PX-716.

I can also add that this media is among the best when recorded in real time (<1x) in my HDD-DVD Recorder (Sony RDR-HX910), so if the firmware is properly tuned the media itself can be written as slow as you like.

Verbatim 1-16x DVD+R media (MCC 004) is equally capable of being written at all speeds, if firmware is properly tuned for it.

There’s plenty of media/burner combinations that are really bad when burning at low speeds, however - e.g. Verbatim 8x DVD-R (MCC 02RG20) burned at 2x in NEC ND-3500AG = coaster (scans available on request).

Hahahaha…I tried my darndest to get 16x, or even 12x off some CMC MAG M01s in two drives (a DW1650 and a Litey 1635S)…neither one would go past 8x. :bigsmile:

Luckily, the scans are fine from the 8x burns!

Request! please. :iagree:

Here are scans of Verbatim 8x DVD-R media (MCC 02RG20) Made in Taiwan by CMC, which I accidentally burned at 2x in my NEC ND-3500AG (2.TB).

[li]Burst scan showing PIE (and POE hidden behind the PIE mountain)[/li][li]Sum1 scan showing PIF[/li][li]Read Transfer test in NEC 3500[/li][li]Read Transfer test in Plextor PX-712[/li][/ol]This media in this burner definitely isn’t multi-speed. :doh:
I’m definitely blaming the drive more than the media, because the media can be burned at 2x in my laptop drive Matshita UJ-840S with reasonable although not impressive results!

Hehe, thanks DrageMester. :slight_smile:

OUCH, Drage :bigsmile:…cheers for sharing those with us!

OK, here are some burns of the infamous MII Verb MCC004 - with jitter (at last I can offer something useful :bigsmile: )!

Burned @ 4x

Burned @ 8x

Burned @ 12x

And finally, burned @ 16x

So not really a great deal of difference in the burn between all speeds then.

It really does depend on the burner, firmware version & the media as to what’s best I guess.

Arachne, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I find it odd that the jitter level is higher at 8x than at all other burning speeds! :confused:

EDIT: Maybe this is due to SolidBurn changing the write strategy, or are you burning with SolidBurn off for known media?