Burning @ 16x / 20x vs. Longevity of media



I have a LITEON 20A1P and Taiyo Yuden 16x media that I am burning at both 16x and 20x and getting excellent results - Now a lot of people around me are telling me that burning at 16x and 20x cuts longevity of media, and that in 1 month to a year the media will NOT be redable because the pits burnt at 20x will “FADE OUT”…

Now I am an experienced user and have been dealing with hardware testing and burning for years and so far nobody has shown me FACTS. The people around me INSIST that it is true and a lot of those people who tell me this are claimed EXPERTS.

SO I want to solve this once and for all. I would like as many opinions (preferably experienced opinions please).

Now I know for a fact that 16x media uses a special dye that is more sensitive to light and therefore requires less laser exposure, and that QUALITY media should be burnt at their rated speeds and that burning at too low speeds may cause higher errors.

Now I noticed that the 20A1P has 20x support for YUDEN000T03 natively, so you don’t need overburn activated. I posted a 20x burnt TY 16x and the result was EXCELLENT - is it safe to burn a taiyo yuden 16x +R @ 20x in terms of longevity, personally I see no problem - Longevity depends on storage conditions and how the disc is manufactured - So in my opinion and experience an 8x or 12x burnt YUDENT03 will last just as long as a 16x/20x burnt YUDENT03 media…The pits burnt do NOT fade out or degrade because of the 20x burn, that is bloody rubbish IMO, am I right, or will someone convinced me once and for all that I should throw my bloody 20A1P out the window and stick to 4x/8x burning.

THanks :smiley:


Only time will tell I guess. 20x was like out less than 2 months ago.

My 20x written discs are not with me now so i can’t test. :frowning:


No one will know for 5 years if they last 5 years. It is brand new technology.:slight_smile:


:smiley: I guess you all miss the idea of my post - I am not talking about technology here, I am talking about whether burn speed can affect longevity - I don’t have 20x media, I am burning my TY media at 20x. Let’s say I burn my 16x media at 16x. Technically, if the disc is well manufactured and there are no defects, there is no known reason why a 16x burnt disc will not last as long as an 8x burnt disc -

Also the dye of the TY 16x discs are a lighter shade of red as opposed to the deep purple of 8x…there were stories back then saying the deep puprle dyes are better and last longer…SOme say the opposite.


There are other advantages of slower burns, such as lower jitter levels, that should also be considered when choosing your burn speeds.


Greg42, if the quality/jitter results are acceptable then the disc will last just as long as any other burn speed that produces a similar result. Degradation is more a factor of the disc and not the burn, but obviously the better the result to start with, the longer the disc will be readable if the disc does deteriorate over time.


Acceptable ? Are you kidding ? My DVD+R 16x TY @ 20x burns are OUTSTANDING, I did post my scan in the 20A1P results thread, it simply amazing… The 20x burnt discs give much better PIE/PIF max and totals than burning at 12x / 16x…Also I was under the impression that jitter/pie/pif cannot determine longevity. Remember the RitekG05 gave very decent TRT and scans… :smiley:


That’s why I said this. :wink: