Burning 100 min CDR'S

I have Nero version 5.5 software but when burning a CDR in my Real Player, the counter will only go up to 80 minutes.
Is there something I can do to get to read that I have a 100 minute CDR?
I know I can change the preferences in the Nero sotfware to increase the capacity but then I would have to use Nero to do the burning nd it is a complicated procedure and real player is so much easier.

I’ve never used Real to burn cds but maybe it just can’t burn that amount of data?!? :confused:
But Nero isn’t that hard to do it? Just set the settings once and you never will be bothered again!

Ok I will give it a try.

Sometimes you might have to enable the overburn feature in
Nero, its under the expert settings, under preferences.

Yes I do know how to do it but it was just that I thought Real Player was easier and to be honest I don’t like the Nero set up.But will get by.


RealPalyer does not allow overburning, and did you check to verify that your writer can overburn? If so you are going to have to use Nero, or another software that supports overburning. I have and use Nero, but I prefer to use CDRWin 5X by Padus for overburning.

Yes it does allow for overburning.:slight_smile: