Burning 1 image to 3 burners at once 2 PATA and 1 USB 2.0

I’m looking at getting 3 drives

(2) Pioneer 112D for internal usage

(1) Liteon 20A1P

I want to burn to all three with preferably nero 7 essentials oem.

First is it possible?

2nd Is quality effected?

3 is just 2 drives possible?

Please help!


Unless all drives are identical, results will be poor. Even identical drives, located on a single IDE channel, could have issues if you try to burn faster than 4x.

I’ve a terrible speed problem when writing with 2 identical writers configured as masters in both ide channels.

You can read my problem here:


If you make the test, I would be very very very pleased if you would comment to me your results as I still don’t know the cause of my problem.

Without GOOD extra cointrollers this is madness, I think.

what about sata drives then?

A bit better, but not much.
It depends how you set them up and how good the controller (chipset) is.

With my computer, the most “funny” is that sometimes I’ve been able to write perfectly at 16 (you can read it in the link), but now I’ve format HD and reinstall windows and try millions of things, and dual writing is desesperately slow.

Conclusion? there is a software factor limiting it, and nor me nor anybody can guess where the problem comes from

ide/sata drivers installed, softwares used mainly.