Burning 1:1 copy from an old image

Hey im new to this forum. Can somebody help me? I am trying to burn a 1:1 copy of this game mechwarrior 4: Vengance (its about 5 years old). I used CDkiller’s protection Id and it told me the protection is Safedisc 1.50.020. So I go to Alcohol 120% build 3105 and in emulation i select bad sectors emulation and when i go to burn image, in datatype i select safedisk. But then it still doesnt burn a 1:1 copy. :confused: Can somebody please help me? Thanx in advance.

Technically you’ll never burn a 1:1 image. If the Safedisc Datatype doesnt work try using the safedisc 2x/3x Datatype. Dont touch any settings just let it do its thing. Safedisc 1.5 shouldnt be a problem, what writer do you have/use? What happens when you try to run the game?

I used Alcohol 120% build 3105 to burn it. The only option I used was in extra emulation i chose bad sectors emulation because it said i need that for safedisc 1-2. And in burning method I chose safedisc 1x. Could it just be a problem with the image?

What drive are you using? What speed are you reading/burning? What problem are you having with the end result?

okay i think i figured it out. my image must not be 1:1 or something because when i use the image to play the game, it still says insert cd. So does that mean the image is the problem??

It’s also possible that your game is hotwired which means that it just can be played from the installation drive. Appart from your backup problem is your orginal disc working in the installation drive?

my installation drive? I dont have the game anymore that’s why i need to burn the backup.

Try alcohol and use safedisc datatype without changing anything else ( ignore read errors when reading as they are normal with safedisc)
also you dont need “ignore media type” as atip check was not present before safedisc 2.4

nah thats not the problem. it was my image it wasnt made right.