Burninb 8cd data into 1 cd



hi everyone ,
i got a cd from my friend it has 8cd data in 1 cd when iam trying to copy it into other cd its showing the folder size in 4gb is there any way can i copy this data.If so how can one copy such avast data in 1 cd the files are not even compressed.Helps are highly appreciated?

Mastee :doh: :bow:


If it is 4gb in size, I would guess that it has to be a DVD not a CD!!


Not necessarily…
I believe Microsoft does this…cross referencing files…


Yep, MS does it… Rip it to an image file with Alcohol 120% or Nero or whatever you have that rips things to image files.


Ooops - well hush my mouth… Sorry for the bum advice!!