Burnin on the Fly with Plexeses

Hi all, I’m new!!!

Anyways, I currently have a Ultraplex40max, and a Plexwriter40/12/40A. I was wonderin if anyone else here has this combination?? And if so, do you peeps ‘burn on the fly’ ?? Cuz this is like my fav thing to do. My problem is that when I burn on the fly with Nero, I get like 4 bufferunderruns during the process, and I don’t think my disc even burnt close to 40X, I dont even think 32X. I can tell cuz of the flashing rate of the led. So if it doesnt even burn at 32X, then why the hell am I gettin buffer underruns??

Another problem I have with my drives is with the program Discjuggler 4 (which I love for burning on the fly). Sometimes it burns with no buffer underruns, and sometimes it does. Again, I know the drive is not burning even at 32X, same reason as above. But my only gripe is when the cache falls to zero, my cd reader reads a bit for the cache, then the writer writes a bit, then reads a bit, then writes a bit… you get the picture. Seems like Discjuggler doesnt completely stop the burn process and wait for the cache to fill up completely (like Nero). Also I tested my cdrom with Cd Speed 2000 v .85e, and my cdrom drive just stays at below 20X!!! WTF?? Could that be the reason for my buffer underruns?? if so, is somethin wrong with my drive??

Please help me out anyone it they can, cuz I’m serious about gettin the LiteOn 16X Dvd drive to be my next reader. Also the Liteon reads cds at 48X, and hopefully would fill the buffer I need.

If anyone else has the Plexwriter 40/12/40A with the Liteon Dvd reader, I would also be curious to know if you could burn on the fly.


it is better not to copy on the fly…perhaps you can do it for data on low speeds, but don’t use on the fly for audio.

You have low speeds because the reader and the writer will wait on eachother when the data flow is to low.

and if you want to copy from drive to drive, you should look for an option that makes an image of the disk before the writing starts
But this will take longer then writing on the fly, but you will get less errors

Actually, I know that the Plexwriter40/12/40 can only burn audio at 24X. But the thing is, I am burning data. I burn alot of data discs, and burning on the fly saves me alot of time. I also used Nero cdspeed, but am only getting my ultraplex40 to read at 20X max. I really dont know what the problem is. Anyone else here have the same problem with this reader?? And what can I do to fix it??

Plex40TS and Plex40/12/40
-> On the fly audio and data, no problem at all over here, no use of burnproof either.

Wannes, could you give a description of what your system specs, os, ide hookup, scsi brand, how many on your scsi, what software you using to burn on fly with no burn proof use.


Also, my plex 40ts is the only drive on the scsi adapter.

PC: P4 1400Mhz, 1GB PC800 RIMM, ASUS Mainboard

*Prim. Master: 80GB ATA100 7200rpm
*Prim. Slave: 40GB ATA100 7200rpm
*Sec. Master: 30GB ATA66 7200rpm
*Sec.Slave: Plextor 40/12/40

*Adaptec 29160 U160-adapter
*Quantum 30GB SCSI-160 10.000rpm
*Plextor 40TS CDROM
*Plextor 12/4/32 CDRW
*Plextor 32TS CDROM

Nero & Feurio

OS: Win2000

you must have a big power supply