Burnin DVD's but some won't play in DVD player! HELP!

I purchased this VSO ConvertXtoDVD yesterday and have been converting .avi to dvd and burning them with no problem but out of 8 movies, 3 won’t play in my DVD player, while the other 5 play fine. When I put one of the 3 into the player it scans breifly and says it sees a DVD disc for only a second then the error screen comes up saying “Disc Error-Please eject the disc-The playback feature may not be available on this disc”. I did notice that on one of the movies I burned, if I repeatedly eject and insert the disc, sometimes the movie starts-on the other 2 movies no matter how many times I do it-it still comes up with the error. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve got the latest updates and all the DVD-R’s are from the same brand new container.

try burning at a slower speed

Welcome to the forum. What burner are you using? What firmware? What is the media ID of the discs? At what speed are you burning?

Thanks for the help. I’ve got a Toshiba 16x Dual Layer DVD +/- RW I bought and installed into my T3256 E-machine, the
original specs are:

Toshiba / 16x4x16x DVD+RW / 12x4x16xDVD-RW / 5x DVD+R DL / 48x24x48x CD-RW / OEM Black DVD Burner
Manufacturer Part No. SD-R5372 BK

The link to the TigerDirect page with all the spec’s included is:


I hope the firmware is listed there. If not then I don’t know what the firmware is.

I used DVDInfoPro on the discs and got a media id of MXLRG02.

I was burning at 4x until haveacigar suggested burning at a slower speed. I just finished doing that and burned my last DVD at 2x with the same results-won’t play in my DVD player…

I don’t think this is really a problem with your VSO software.

Some DVD players are just very sensitive to different types of discs, and how they have been burned. For instance I can burn any disc using Ritek R03 ink, and it will look great on quality scans, but my Samsung standalone will skip and jump all over the place from the beginning of the disc. The same file on TY or other good quality media will play perfectly.

Make sure you set the booktype to “DVD-ROM” when you burn the disc, this might help as it will be marked the same as a pressed disc, which might make your player work better, but I suspect you won’t get good results until you try a different type of media.

Hi there,

Having a full log always help everyone help you !

I have seem several people using the “Automatic” TV Format.

They live in USA and need NTSC.

Some of their files were PAL and automaticly converted to PAL !
This was their problem.

1- Force NTSC or PAL (Which ever is needed)
2- Use quality media
3- Don’t burn too fast (x4.0 is ok on quality media)

Good Luck !

This bit is no longer true. A lot of people are finding that if you burn high speed media too slowly, the quality of the burn goes down. Probably more sensitive dyes meant for high speed don’t perform as well if the drive spends too long with the laser on the dye.

If you want quality burns, don’t overspeed your media, and if you are using high speed media (like 16x) don’t burn it at less than 12x. If you’re going to go lower than that, you might as well buy slower rated media and save some money.

Well I really appreciate all of your help, apparently chas0039 couldn’t get back to me after asking all those questions but no matter, cougar_ii had the solution to the problem anyway.

I changed my TV Format from “Automatic” and forced it to “NTSC” and slowed the burn speed to 4x and even with different media they all work in my DVD player now!

Thanx cougar_ii u rock!