Burnin a multiple series set to dvd

hi, wonder if any1 can assist, i need to burn a complete tv series to dvd, unfortunatly all i have to work with is the avi files, i know how to convert these to dvd, but i am unsure of how to combine 4 episodes onto one dvd, i have only done full films b4 and aint got a clue how to do it!. I use nero to burn with usually, but any help will be greatly appriciated.

Many thanx


If you’ve got vobs when converting from avi you can use DVD Shrink’s re-author mode to put titles from various sources on one DVD. I usually don’t put more than 3 eps on one DVD-5. In case you don’t need a menu you can used PgcEdit’s DVD Shrink macro which makes your remote’s title button jump to the next ep so you don’t need to skip through chapters. Alternatively you can use my guide to add a selfmade menu to your DVD.

What it boils down to is you gotta “author” the disc. Chetwood’s suggested some ways to do it. Look here for an explanation of what authoring is, available tools, guides, etc.:


Might as well add a suggestion. Since, as you say, you’ve not done this before, TMPGEnc DVD Author is quite simple. Start a new project. Add MPEG file or DVD video (repeat as desired), create menu, set chapter points and firstplay action and process it.

Good luck. :wink: