Burnertips from bw and/or alcohol for protections

It is so difficult to make lists of burners/readers from bw-team or alcohol-team or cdfreaks-team for safedisc 2.x/3.x and securom 4.x/5.x protections to make perfect copies/emulations from this ???

I can not search every threads and posts to get the infos to make a perfect copy for this protections. Thats impossible.

And your point/question is? :confused:

When trying to copy a protected disc, always try to get the type of protection first, then take a look at the guide for that protection. Most of the information you need is there, no matter the drive you use to back it up with. Besides, hardware limitations only apply to Safedisc (for the most part, that is).

Thx, but it would be helpful for everyone, when eg. lists exist with specified burner/reader-tips to copy eg. safedisc 3.1x or 3.2x or securom 5.x with specified burnsoftware (eg. alcohol or bw) nearly 1:1 and without any problems.

eg. 100% sure for the list would be:

Plextor Premium - can copy nearly 1:1 copy of securom 5.x and all other securom-versions without emulations with copytool blindwrite 5.x.

…and so on for next mostly used protection Safedisc 2.x/3.x.

People can so look into the list and buy the correct burner/reader and the right copytool to make perfect copies without any problems or questions: “Can i do really make copy with my hardware and tool?”.

All other protection how starforce 3.x is actually not important, because the software does not correct support the burners to make a nearly good copy/emulation of starforce 3.x.

yeahhh.that’s in fact a real good idea…
Thank you profi, for you work ^^
i just have to read the whole forum, and a few other sites, and then put it in excel,
it’s good when peole have idea ans are ready hard to work for it.

I think that this is really great idea, I really hope that someone with enough time will put that together…

One big problem with this is it is not guaranteed to work. This is only personal experiences on certain hardware combos.

By thinking of that being impossible, it doesn’t surprise some, that you have not found your ‘instructions’. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t laugh at any noob,
but why not just give it a try, SEARCH your independence.
(I fear that all sounds a bit arrogant, sorry for that)

my idea would be easier for everyone, thats the point.

One big problem with this is it is not guaranteed to work. This is only personal experiences on certain hardware combos.

Plex Prem (fw 1.05) and Securom 5.x and BW5.x works 100% without emulations. This can be realised for everyone copyprotection.
The list must contain the hardware (Burner/reader), the copyprotection (including version) and the copytool (bw or alcohol). At the begin, safedisc and securom are enough for the list, because of mostly used.

The CDfreaks can do it. Hundreds of threads/posts are here, but everyone must search for a specified copy-manual "Which burner? Which copytool for what hardware and protection? This can all integrated in a nice list.

You should think about it.

Maybe i make a extra website with this info/lists/forums, when cdfreaks not want to do it.

Plextor Premium can copy SecuROM 4/5 with firmware 1.03, not just 1.04 or 05.Most premiums are shipped with firmware 1.03.
I recommend only methods that are 100% fool-proof.
There should aso be a budget range, maybe?