Burners w/ PI/PIF test capability

Before buy a new dvd burner, I 'd like to know if it has the ability to run PI/PIF test from Nero’s cd/dvd speed utility tool. Two of the particular burners I’m looking at are the Samsung SH-203B and the Pioneer 215D. :confused: :o I’m having a very difficult time trying to find this info. under the specs. and or via Googling…so I did what I felt was best and joined CDFreaks. Bob, Beef (or anyone else for that matter) I started this topic with you guys hope you can help or point me in the correct direction. :eek:


The Samsung drive can perform such tests if you make a small registry change. There’s some disagreement on how trustworthy this drive is as a scanner.

The Pioneer DVR-215D cannot produce (useful) scans and neither can previous Pioneer drives. It’s a very good CD/DVD burner, however.

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These burners I’ve mentioned run in the 25-35 dollar range (limited), Can you suggest any other burners (price range isn’t locked here)?
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LiteOn DVD burners can scan for PIE/PIF with no registry change.
I rarely get my LiteOn burners to burn media with quite as good quality as the best of my other drives, but your mileage may vary.

Hence I use my Liteys more for scanning and other drives, currently mostly my Pioneer 112 and 111 for burning.

If you want to scan CD media, you’ll need another drive, because LiteOn DVD drives (and presumably Samsung drives using MediaTek chipset) don’t report C1 errors in a normal fashion.

In my opinion, a recent LiteOn is the only way to go for compareable DVD scanning.
Samsungs are way to variable, some are accurate, some are useless as a scanner.

While the LiteOn 20x burners are not bad, I would recommend a Pioneer DVR-115/215 + LiteOn DH-20A4P combo.

So DragMester would you agree w/ Womi’s suggestion on the combo? By the way, thanks for your input too Womi

[quote=GuyOber;2085980]So DragMester would you agree w/ Womi’s suggestion on the combo?[/quote] Yes I agree. No drive does everything best and the mentioned combination covers the most important stuff (except reliable CD scanning).