Burners SATA for tests PIE/PIF and Po Failure tests


Fisrt, sorry for the quality of my language, but i’m a French man, and i can’t ( for the moment)
So i search 2 SATA burner for my 2 next computer ( i think i will buy in 1 or 2 months ).

I would like this burner can be able to do PIE/PIF and Po Failure tests with CD/DVD speed, or other software… .

What ars your advice for me ?

Thank you very much

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I’m sure you’ll be fine here in English. Your question seems straightforward at first glance, but unfortunately the subject of PIE/PIF scanning can get quite complex and a one-fits-all solution doesn’t exist here.

That said, if disc quality scanning is a requirement, here are your SATA options:

  • LiteOn 20A1S/20A4S/20A3S - and rebadges like AOpen DSW2012SA, Sony DRU-190S and Optiarc something

  • Samsung SH-S203x

  • Optiarc 5200/7200/7203S

LiteOn’s include the important Jitter measurement and are most commonly used for disc quality scanning.

Unless you can find a Plextor 760SA you won’t find a SATA drive to test POF’s

Forgot to add the Asus DRW-2014 in my list of current PIE/PIF scanning SATA drives (no Jitter either). Maybe there’s more yet, with all the OEM and rebadged units on the market, but these should be the main ones.

Tanks for yours answers !

But i have another question.

Cressida you talk about Samsung SH-S203x, i have already this burner on one of my PC, but with him, i can’t use it like scanner ! !

Look this picture… .

Is it a firmware problem ?


No, it just requires a registry modification, because Samsung drives are blocked by default in CDSpeed. See the Samsung FAQ for details: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f105/mini-faq-samsung-dvd-writers-220607/

ah ok !

And what is the fiability of this scan as good as BenQ/Liteon scans ?
this drive support JITTER test ?

And why Samsung blocked this scans ?


Here we come to what I alluded to in my first post. No single scan, not even a LiteOn or BenQ scan, is “reliable” in a way that it can assure you of trouble-free reading/playback of a disc under all circumstances.

Furthermore, each drive, even one of the same brand and model, is different and can yield a different scanning result. This should be enough to tell you that a good scan is only an indication, but certainly no guarantee for a well burned disc.

We can assume that scanning with CDSpeed was blocked at the request of Samsung. Some of their drives give off usable scans, others don’t.

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Scanning with the 203, then consider K-Probe or DVDInfoPro.
No need to hack registry then. :wink: