Burner's\Red Alert 2

I just bought a systemax computer and i am wondering how good the burner is. I haven’t tested it but it is a 24x/10x/40x. on the outside it says it is a justlink??? cd-writer ?? any comments. does it support AWS??

P.S. what are the best settings for red alert 2 english copy??? The minimum requirements would be great. THX.

Check in control panel, System, Device manager, CDROM.

You probably have Either A Plextor or a Lite-On.
Maybe a Waitec. The others aren’t so common.

Just read the second part of your post. Sorry.

FES: Read retries 3, Error correction: None
Write: Nothing selected (I don’t believe there are any 24X writers that don’t support EFM but work with AWS).

you might want to check the buffer undrrun protection and the close last session

What about the AWS??? I have tried this on my hp 9100 burner and it never worked. i wasted about 5 discs alone on RA2. Will those settings really work??

should read subchannels be on? and should it correct errors on write?

you could try the AWS and heres no need for reading subchannels

Ps. JustLink mentioned on your writer indicates the used buffer underrun technique. It’s not the brand of your writer…

What’s your writer? Try AWS.

I can’t figure out what brand is my cd burner. it says that is it a standard under the properties

i did copy red alert 2 finally thx.

What did you try new that was different?

JustLink is owned by Ricoh and licenced to Samsung among others. Low-end Ricohs are made by Samsung.

Ricohs (the MP7163A in my case) can successfully copy RA2 without AWS.

As an aside, most HPs are made by Sony so no AWS (heh heh) :wink: