Burners no longer working

At first everything worked fine and then one day my HP CD writer stopped reading regular discs. It would only read CDrs that I had put stuff onto. On rare occasion it would read a regular disc but not often so I decided to pick up a dvd burner, an HP 740i. It worked fine with one exception, it wouldn’t burn data to lightscribe discs. I updated Nero, lightscribe and firmware and still nothing. Since I had a previous version of Nero installed before I tried uninstalling Nero but when I tried to reinstall it I found that the drive wouldn’t read the installation disc. It would just cause my system to slow down severely untill I ejected the disc. Other discs I tried had the same result. Since I was still able to burn music with my cd writer I had left it installed but then tried removing it after my problem with the dvd burner. Still nothing so I tried installing a new IDE cable. Again, nothing.
Due to another problem I was forced to reformat my drive. I didn’t install the dvd drive as I had sent it to HP to be checked but installed the cd burner. From the start it is still doing the same thing, not reading discs other than backups but not it won’t even burn a music cd, stating that I’m using high speed media when they’re the same discs I’ve been using.
I haven’t tried to install the dvd burner out of fear that the same thing will happen when I do.
Does anyone know why it’s doing this and how to fix it? I’m running Win2k.

I think I may have narrowed it down to either the IDE drivers or PSU. Is there a minimum wattage PSU for this drive? Also, where do I get IDE drivers?

MOBO site! Also flash you BIOS from your MOBO site!

If its a HP box then go to the HP site!

It’s a Compaq system, I’ll check their site. Thanks

HP == Compaq. :wink:

Maybe! Everyother Fri! LOL
It will probably still have a sub site at HP for your box!

They had a ROM pack listed which I tried but to no avail. If I have time tomorrow I’ll take out the drive and open it up, give it a good cleaning and see if anything may be broken.
Worst case is that I’ll have to get a new computer. Thank goodness for tax refunds.