Burners, GTA, and Blindwrite; Oh my!

Okay, I searched the forums and haven’t found an answer so I thought I’d post. I successfully used blindread and daemon to run the cd from my haddrive, yet my HD is too slow for reading both audio and Graphics from the HD (gta3’s game is split into the graphics on the install disk and audio on the play disk). Blindwrite on the other-hand won’t write it onto a CD that can be played in my (old)CD-ROM (or writer either). Insektor will probably solve my problem, but I am going to need a new ROM soon so any suggestions on what DVD-ROM I should get? Better yet, what about a DVD/CD-burner combo? I am currently using a 8200e (through USB) HP burner. GTA3 uses SafeDisk 2.51. Any DVD/CD-writer combos mentioned that have burned SD2.51 disks will be appreciated.

Ps, will Insektor work?

Thanks and good day.

perhaps you can look on the clonecd homepage.
there is a list of compatible cd writers