Burners capable of vertical use?

I am considering purchase of a Lite-On burner (such as LH-20A1P), but cannot tell from either the manufacture’s page or seller’s page whether or not it will can read and/or write in the vertical position. Can anyone help?

Also, any advice about internal burners designed for vertical use? I am looking for a basic general purpose (low cost) internal burner, but want to use it vertically. All suggestions and comments welcome. Thanks.

AFAIK they all do vertical. Look at the tray, it should have little nubs sticking up around the edge. These are to hold the CD until the tray goes in.

why on earth would you wanna use it vertically? just use it the usual way i believe nothin is mentioned about vertical use in the manufacturers page cuz they were simply not intended for such use , the disc will probably fall off when youll put it in the tray and even if you somehow got it in i honestly dont see how the disc can remain stable when the drive is vertical plus the high rotation speed…

It does remain stable. I had the best burn out of my #2 Pioneer 111L this way (case on it’s side due to space restrictions). It works very well, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with most burners. The trays are designed for it, and if that’s how the user needs to configure it due to whatever reason(s), then they are entitled to do it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a drive that was not ‘vertical’ capable. As mentioned above, there are usualy 2-4 little ‘nubs’ that will hold the disc in. You may need to slide these nubs into position to engage them for vertical use. If the disc doesn’t fall to the floor when you insert it, then you’re probably good to go.

I have my NEC 3500 (oldest drive i have and it’s 2+ years old) in an external case and yes it does have those ‘nubs’ on the tray. I fed it a disc and it held it in place while opening and closing the drive.

I looked up LH-20A1P and if that is what you got you can use it vertically , see image at link, you can see the nubs.


Out of context by my 360 has those same nubs that allow it to play vertical and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Thanks for all the comments and advice. (Especially for the link to the photo of the LH-20A1P tray which confirms that it can be used vertically.)

I agree that vertical use seems less than ideal, but as someone else said, I have space restrictions that require me to turn the case on its side.

I don’t really know how the drive mechanism works inside, but I suspect that the disc is somehow “grasped” from from the center and lifted off the tray when it spins, so that the tray itself is not really involved during the reading or writing process. I think the tray must only be needed for positioning disc in the right place (so that the drive mechanism can “grasp” it correctly) and for putting the disc in and taking it out. Anybody know for sure?

Yeah, typically the hub raises the disk up against a clamping ring. It couldn’t spin it hundreds of RPM if it was in contact with the tray…