I want another burner. Which one would be best? Pioneer DVR-115D, or BenQ DW-1640? I have never had a Pioneer, only BenQ, Plextor, and Lite On.


@ slytrans69,

The BenQ DW-1640 is no longer in production since about two years ago and finding a new unused BenQ DW-1640 will be a very difficult task. However visiting E B a y and looking hard you might possibly find a used BenQ DW-1640. The BenQ DW-1640 is an excellent Disc Quality Scanner and as such you might consider obtaining a used BenQ DW-1640 from E B a y and use it to perform your Disc Quality Scans of your burned DVD Media.

The Pioneer DVR-115 series drive are currently in production and finding a brand new Pioneer DVR-115 series drive will not be difficult. In see you are located in USA the Web Retailer NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com) is a reliable source for a Pioneer DVR-115D.



Thanks. I have a Plextor PX-740A cross flashed to a BenQ DW-164B in my test computer running Vista Ultimate 64 Bit. I lam a Newegger. They have the Pio’s for only $30.00. I can get a Sony DRU-810A, which is a BenQ DW-1640. If the Pio 115D is really as good as everyone says it is, I will get that one since my Plextor PX-760A and PX-716A do not do RAM. Thanks for the input.


@ slytrans69,

I have two DVR-115D’s and haven’t had any problems with them and when burning to quality Media they provide excellent Disc Quality Scan results.

Concerning DVD-RAM –> The DVR-115D can Read DVD-RAM but does not support DVR-RAM Writing. The DVR-115 supports DVD-RAM Read/Write but unfortunately the DVR-115 is not currently available in USA.



Gee whiz bjkg, that is unbelievably ignorant of a design engineer to create suck a product. The higher end model should have all of the attributes… My only RAM read/write is a Lite On DVR-SHM-165P6S, which I do not use. I got it for $30.00 on sale just in case I needed a backup.