my burner is stuffed i think
sometimes it seems not to detect blank dvds [dvd brand sidney]
and somtimes when i burn things it stuffs up around90% or99% while the same dvd burns at my gf’s house burns perfectly well with the same brand…
i use a lg dvd rom- hl-dt-st DVD-ROM GDR8163B
pioneer burner PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109

comp info
pentium 4 3.2/ht
1gig ram
windows xp pro
nero full version
9550 graphics card ati radeon
thertlemake case

umm yeh… i think tats all lol if u need more info abt my comp tell me cuz i’m a comp noob

try a firmware update…otherwise yeh its fucked…just buy another one…stick with pioneer tho, imo they the best