Burner wont recognise 16 times disks

Hi all my name is Maxand I live in NZ.
I have a NEC 1300 RW ND 1300a FW 1.0B.It has been working fine till I bought some blank Imation 16 times write disks dvd-r.It doesn’t appear to recognise the disks and the burn fails.Have updated the firmware and tried using both dvd shrink and alcohol 120 to burn and same result.It burns 8 times disks ok.Have included printout below from k2 probe.

Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer CMC Magnetics Corporation
Protection System None
Region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Capacity 4.38 GB
Free Size 4.38 GB
Free Blocks 2298496
Number of Layers 1
Maximum Rate Not Specified
Linear Density 0.267 um/bit
Track Density 0.74 um/track
Maximum Read Speed 0.0x
Maximum Write Speed 9.691E4x
Current Write Speed 2.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 2.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2 1.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 3 0.5x CLV

Max welcome to the forum.
Your burner is an old model and doesn’t recognise the 16x discs you are using and in any case cannot burn them at 16x. The firmware has no write strategy for them.
New burners are relatively cheap and I would recommend that you purchase a new one, technology has moved on and there are a great number of advantages to this.

You could try some 8x media as some of this would be recognised by the latest firmware that’s available from here .

However a modern burner as suggested is by far the best idea & depending what country you’re in can be had very cheaply.

I’d suggest a Benq 1650 or Pioneer 111D as being a good investment.

Thanks weedougie and timc,will probably have to update my burner as you suggest.

1.0C - thats the one you should go for.