Burner WONT Burn!

hi everyone, i have a big BIG problem and need a solution asap! i cannot get my cd burner to work! it was working just a week ago, and has worked for over 2 years, now it just wont work!! this has happend before, then it started to work again, i might have formatted to get it to work again… but i dont want to do that! i have tried nero, roxio, alcohol, and none of them will burn! i get a speed error with nero… now i was thinking maybe if i could delete all files to do with making cds, inf files and what not, it might work? any one have any info, please let me know! thanks a ton!

why dont you update firmware on drive first ???

Are you sure the laser isn’t shot? Is the cd spinning within the drive?? If you have Nero,run some tests…Good Luck

Have you installed any recording software lately, anything from roxio will probably trash your aspi layer. there are a few programs that will reinstall the aspi layer or check it for you to make sure its installed properly