Burner Wont Burn!



Hi guys!! Been a few weeks since i last posted and now i have a new problem for you, hope you dont mind?
I have installed my dvd burner in my laptop and everything is working ok! But wait, i cant burn dvd’s. I have a fresh install of xp and nero 6 reloded, all of which have been updated. The drive is an lg gma 4080 and works fine reading disks and also burning cdr’s.
Any ideas guys???

Cheers in advance


hi… wich media are u using it??.. it could be the media


Tried both types, dvd- and dvd+ still nothing?


What exactlly happens when you try to burn a dvd? Do you get an error message or something (and if so, what specifically is the error message)?


Hi there! When i load a cd and add files in nero, then click on burn it starts to initialise burning and then say’s “Waiting for the drive to become ready” inside the small increasing taskbar at the bottom of the window.??


Thats kind of a strange problem. I’m almost thinking that it might be a hardware issue (defective drive) but thier are a few things that I would check out first. Try reinstalling nero and or try another burning program (just find something with a free trial for testing purposes). Try uninstalling it in device manager and let it redetect and reinstall it. Double check your jumper settings on it and on the other drive if thier is one on the same channel. If all that fails, try a diffrent ide cable.
Did you get this drive new or used? Also, I’m not very farmiliar with laptops(that is a laptop burner, isn’t it), but it should be about the same. Did you use a pre exsisting ide cable or a new one?


Had a lot of bother getting this new drive up and running but it is! Jumper settings are writer as master and hard drive as slave!
This is a new install of xp/pro and service pack 2 and also nero 6 reloded so should’nt have any probs there i dont think?
It is a brand new writer so should be ok, like i said it burns cd ok just have a problem with dvd’s. Thanks for taking time out to help!
This might be of help (my other posts)! http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=136421


Have tried burning an ISO image with alcohol but it it does’nt see the blank disk in the drive!


hi mate :wink: Sounds like a hardware issue. try dvd-decrypter and burn the iso with that. if it still does not see the blank dvd, take the writer back to were u bought it. Its faulty. had one like this not long ago, wrote/read cds fine, but wouldnt read/write dvds…sasarchiver


Just curious. Since I am unfamilar with that drive I must ask if you are sure its a dvd burner and not just a dvd reader/cd writer. Don’t get upset I’m just asking. :rolleyes:


I’m thinking the same since he never mentioned a model number.


There you go johnny, burnit! Nah seriously i got it on e-bay at a very resonable price so if it is faulty i’ll just have to get an other one!