Burner won\'t finish burns



[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3550A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ve recently rebuilt my PC. I changed every part other than the HD’s from old system. I also am using same XP install. Problem is whenever i try to burn a CD or DVD it gets all the way to 100% then it just stops. I don’t believe it’s writing the lead out. The PC just hangs. I have to eject the disc then close the program (nero 9) and sometimes i still have to reset the PC as it stops responding. Everything else works fine on the PC except my burner which i had no problems with till now. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Did you swap out the motherboard too?

If so, and you’re still using the XP install from your old machine, chances are all the old mobp drivers and whatnot are still installed.

When swapping out a mobo I prefer to do a whole new, fresh install of the OS. Eliminates any conflicts that might arise. :slight_smile:


Yes i swapped out the MoBo also. I also installed the chipset drivers that came with MoBo. I usually do a fresh OS install when i upgrade to this extent. If there’s no way to fix it then i’ll have to reload XP. It’s a shame because everything else works fine.


OK, maybe a reinstall as the last resort, then. :slight_smile:

Is there any way you can post a Nero log? There should be a “log.txt” file located somewhere in your Nero (or Ahead) directory.

Also, have you used these discs before with success?


I searched but no log.txt files in any of the nero folders. I even did a search of the entire drive with no luck. I used to use nero 8 with no problems before the upgrade. Then after upgrade when i experienced the problem i uninstalled it and got nero 9. Unfortunatly i have the same problem. Actually when using nero express while burning it says Unknown BurnPhase with the % next to it. If i use the regular Nero Burning Rom it shows all the steps except the lead out. They both get to 100% and then the DVD stops burning and nothing happens. I use primarily Verbatim DVD’s and i have some Sony ones that i’ve been using with no problems. Actualy I’ve never had a failed burn on my 3550A since i bought it a few years ago.


Hmmm, all good disc brands.

Any chance your 3550A could be going South?

I have an idea. In the Nero 9 Toolkit, you’ll find DiscSpeed. Can you do a “Create Disc” with it and post a screenshot of the burn graph when it’s done (little floppy-shaped icon in the top right of the window. Save as a .png file).

Also, if you could run a Burst Rate test (with a burned disc in the drive) in DiscSpeed, that would help rule out another problem too (DMA) - with the Benchmark tab open, go to Run Test -> Burst rate. Then post the result.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I can get Disk Speed to load if there’s no disc in the drive. Put a disc in after loading and tried to do copy disc. Light comes on for a second then nothing. Program hangs. i can read burnt disc’s fine. Not that that matters lol. I have everything backed up as it looks like i’m going to have to reload OS.


Ouch. Yep, unfortunately I think an OS reinstall is what you’re looking at :frowning:

Once you’ve reinstalled, if the problems still remain, post back here, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:


I’m sooo not looking forward to doing OS. Oh well lol. Thanks for your help though :bow:


I know the feeling, my other PC has been needing a complete reformat for about 3 months. I’m still trying to put it off. :wink:

You’re welcome BTW, let’s hope a fresh install fixes the problem.


I knew this would suck. Currently building a SP2 slipstream install cause stock XP BSOD’s every time because it doesn’t recognize PCI-e cards :a
Good thing my laptop burner still works :wink:


Well after finally getting everything back together both cd’s and dvd’s are burning again. Still says unknown burnphase in nero express but it still burns so whatever. Thanks again for the help.


Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

Often I find little errors in my Nero logs too (Illegal request and whatnot), but my burns also turn out OK.