Burner will not burn anything

Okay, let me try again. My burner will not burn anything at all. Nothing to do with copywrites. I can not burn anything can’t do back ups of my computer programs/fils, can’t burn CD’s DVD’s nothing. Why could I burn them a month ago and all of a sudden nothing. Remove PowerDVD then I can burn again. Add nero plug in and can’t burn again. This is very frustrating. I can’t burn from my own recorded DVD’s photos or anything. :o

Please provide an error log of a burn.

For example use Nero to create an ISO image to start with & then burn that image seperately either with Nero or ImgBurn.

Doing it this way gives us just the log of the burn failure, nothing else.

setup info= burners, setup in device manager, setup in your bios, what hardware do you have,what software do you have